Calling all Netballers, we’re here if you need…

No Netball.

It has been months.

In the grand scheme of things, who are we to complain?


No big deal, right?


All it means is we can’t run around, sweat like mad and throw/catch/intercept/shoot/mark/wang that size 5, lovely ball with our teammates.

Some of us don’t even play in a league that really means anything, it’s not like it’s super league or anything.


But it has mattered to us.


It matters to this community that has blossomed especially since the greatest last 9 seconds of a Netball Commonwealth Final ever back in 2018.  Though there were an absolute army of us obsessed way before that, we were the ones watching that match at 4am that year.

Some of us played at school and then stopped and rediscovered our love for it again later in life, some have never stopped playing and are still teaming up with those girls that they played with as youngsters.


Netball is more than just a sport.


It is for our fitness, for our minds, for the sweaty, sporty, competitive females to throw their daily frustrations, stresses, routines out the window and for 40 mins (60 mins sometimes) turn back into us.  Not the version of us that we play in the day, the working Mum, the stay at home Mum, Student, Worker, Director, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, whatever it is that we do. That stops.


For a blissful period, we get to be ourselves.


It’s precious and a little like therapy on so many levels.  We get to not have to think about anyone or anything else. As females, there are so many layers to what we have to deal with on a daily basis, so many decisions to be made, that we relish our netball time being ours. Never mind that we have probably sorted out dinner/homework/done a wash load/cleaned up etc. before we turn up to play. We just play and its bloody great. The spinning plates stop.


So, this is why it matters that we aren’t playing, I’m preaching to the converted, I know, as you are here already because you know all of the above. I miss my Netball community, whether we were close or not, everyone still played a role in my week. Lockdown meant so many different challenges to us all and I don’t need to say that it is still is ongoing.



So now we are soon to be back, albeit outside, with as Dua Lipa would say ‘Ah got new rules, I got em’.  I may as well stand-off court and have a cup of tea, for all the good I am going to be as a defender at 4ft away. Who the heck is going to judge that? This is going to be hilarious, but it doesn’t matter… WE ARE BACK BABY!

Now some of us will have been keeping fit, and maybe practicing in the garden, I purchased a ball and a rebound net, mainly just to upset my neighbours. I’m not sure about legging it around a court again, I think we might need paramedics on standby with a defibrillator, to restart our poor hearts.

I have no doubt that we have all done our best the last few months, we are a certain breed us netballers. We are resilient, full of personality, slightly nuts but only we understand how much each of us loves our sport.


With all the above being said if you have stuck with me this far, you may be wondering what the point is of all this?


Well I too spin plates and all too well know the consequences of unexpected life events. I am passionate about the Life Insurance industry and since starting have seen the benefits first-hand of having prepared for the things that we hope will never happen but to some of us they unfortunately do.

Having a correct policy in place that it suited to your budget and your life style, providing you with financial back up for the ‘what-ifs’ is to me of the most important thing that as females we can make sure we could set up for ourselves and our families.

To celebrate the restart, I wanted to do something special for our community, so I am offering a pair of Netball Trainers, worth up to £85 for anyone who becomes a Yellow Brolly client from September onwards. We also want to support England Netball as much as possible, ask us for more details about how we are intending to do this.


How does it work?


We will have a look at your circumstances, your existing polices and the consequences of your ‘what if’ scenarios and advise you on what we think you should have in terms of life insurance cover.


What are my ‘What if’ scenarios?


These are the things like; What if you died?  How would you family cope financially?  What if your partner became seriously ill and couldn’t work?  How would you pay the bills? What if you had an accident and couldn’t work?  Statistics don’t lie, but we are not here to scare you, I want to look after you.


I have existing cover so I’m fine…


It may well be that your existing cover is perfectly fine, in which case, we will leave it as it is. Or you might not need any, some people don’t… At the very least we can look, this type of thing always falls to the bottom of the to do lists as there are so many other things taking up our time, but that’s why you use us, we do it for you. There is no charge, we get our fee from the providers, it doesn’t cost you anymore and then we will look after you for ever more. Plus, our advice is just that. Advice, you don’t have to listen, we aren’t salespeople, we don’t have targets. We just want to spread the word about the importance of what we do.


If you would like us to get you sorted out, fill in one of the contact forms on this website and we will give you a call, quote ‘DOYOUEVENKNOWHOWLONG3SECONDSIS?’ and you will benefit from the trainers.

Everyone that contacts us, regardless of whether they take out cover or not will be entered into a prize draw for a £100 voucher for a pair of trainers!


Thank you for getting to the end of this. I can’t wait to be back and now moaning about how far 4ft is and how different it is at each end of the court ????


Until then, stay well and be safe.


Much Love,

Jade and Yellow Brolly




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