Life Insurance Advisers, Not Salespeople

There is a difference


We do what we do because we truly believe in the benefits of what we do.  When I started my journey as an adviser, I used to work for a company that could only provide a protection insurance solution for my clients, from one insurer.

It became obvious fairly quickly that this was like having a bakery and only being able to provide a crusty white to my potential clients.  It just didn’t work.  I was told to be a sales person.  I didn’t want to be.

I wanted to help people understand the importance of having a life insurance policy in place, not force them into a policy that unless they did plenty of exercise would get more and more expensive.


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It was a tasty product but it just didn’t suit everyone and if they didn’t fit the way that this particular insurance provider worked, I had no seeded batch to offer as an alternative.


So a while ago I set up Yellow Brolly, encouraged by the best network out there, I can now proudly say that myself, my business partner and our advisors can now select the best products from across the market, making sure they are the most suitable for our clients, everything from a croissant to a hot cross bun.


Which leads me back to the fact that now I can say that we are ‘advisers’ not ‘salespeople’.  Essentially how a Yellow Brolly adviser will work is to look at your ‘what if’s’ –

What would happen if you were too ill to work?

What would happen if the worst were to happen and your partner passed away?

What if we said the mortgage could be paid in full, and all your other major debts were taken care of?


We find a ‘best case’ solution to deal with your ‘worst case’ scenario aiming to make sure that in an unimaginable situation, the financial worry is removed.  We advise you what life insurance policy or combination of policies, say Income Protection or Critical Illness cover would be best to get set up, and then it is entirely up to you whether you follow our advice or not.


You wishing to follow our recommendation however, means we are doing our job properly.  It means that we have demonstrated the need for these type of life insurance policies to be put in place for your ‘what if’s’. It means that our clients see the value in using a portion of their hard earned income to use for their protection portfolio.


There is no nice way to talk about what we do. It’s a walk through of disaster. Who wants to imagine that? However, scare tactics and false advertising that are still being used on T.V. and social media platforms, devalues the great work that great advisers do. Purposefully misleading potential clients that it will take six minutes to set up a policy for around a tenner a month, make our work that much harder.


Our Clients



We have found that our older clients, who are more likely to have more complicated situations, such as multiple mortgages to cover or pre-existing conditions prefer a face to face (zoom these days) meeting initially.


Let’s face it, a meeting with us entails divulging your finances and medical history, essentially to a stranger. So, there is merit in building a relationship, it’s much better to feel comfortable and to develop a trusted relationship in this situation, you want to feel looked after.


Our younger clients, usually just buying their first home, just about to have a baby, want service fast and without much human contact. They still want their policies set up properly but with minimum hassle. With this in mind, moving forward we have big plans, which will enable us to satisfy both sets of clients with an advised service that is at a pace to suit them.


I am proud of how far we have come and cannot wait to get to where we know we are going, but we are making sure that we are enjoying the journey long the way.


We are here to help if you need more information


If you have read this and are thinking that you might need some advice on whether your existing life insurance is suitable, or wanting to see how much a policy would potentially cost, get in touch with us here at Yellow Brolly as soon as you can.


Our expertise is yours to advise you on how best to get your life insurance set up and what your options are.


If you have any questions or you would like to simply learn more, we’d be delighted to help.



There are a number of ways to get in touch.

Email – [email protected]

Call – 0114 4388585

Message us on any of our social media pages.


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