Life Insurance – you don’t really need it (right?)

We wish we had a time machine, then we could secretly take a sneak peek into your future, nip back and tell you that you actually don’t need our services. You aren’t getting ill, nor are any of your family, it’s smooth sailing all the way.

We wish we could actually tell you not to bother, don’t worry about protecting your family, because you’re going to; in the words of Spock, ‘live long and prosper’.

Not much of a sales pitch is it…?

However, much it’s true, many of us do live a long and healthy life, we think we are invincible; that it will never happen to me, I’m young, fit and healthy (ok fit and healthy). Brilliant, that’s great, but shit happens.

People get ill, accidents happen, none of us are getting out alive. Now we’re not asking you – while you skim read through this blog (let’s face it, you are…) – to get all deep and dark about death and all the potential illnesses you could all suffer from; what we are asking for is for you to just to get to the end and have a think, that’s all…

Statistics don’t lie. The percentages mean you or a member of your family could potentially suffer from a critical/ serious illness during the course of your lifetime. We could put the actual statistics here, but again, we’re not here to scare you, just make you think.

This next question is an old tried and tested method of getting people to think about their situation and their ‘need’ for life insurance…

‘If we were sat here and you had passed away yesterday or had become seriously ill and unable to work, what would be the consequences for your family?’

How would your family survive?

How would you pay your bills?

Would you be able to keep the house, the car, carry on living the lifestyle you are used to?

This works brilliantly, but it’s relying on your imagination to dream up a ‘worst-case’ scenario. As human beings we aren’t very good at that, we like warm fuzzy golden buzzer moments and comfort zones.

Real life situations… the shit that makes you think, that’s what always gets to us personally.

We became obsessed for a while with all the emergency programmes on various channels; 999 What’s Your Emergency? Ambulance; 24 Hours in A&E.


Well because, as anyone knows who has watched one, if you start an episode, you have to finish it, to find out what happens to each person/family featured.

The main reason it made us think was the unanswered questions from the relatives of those injured or ill. They all woke up thinking their day was going to be normal, that all the usual happenings would occur, and they would all be tucked up in bed that night, having lived a normal day.

In an instant, that changes, you can see it on the programme. The initial shock, they talk about ‘the phone call’, that moment they found out something was wrong. The mad dash to the hospital, the fear, the confusion, the hand holding and the reassurance to their loved one that everything would be ok, and then the worrying looks at the doctors and nurses…

The ability of the A&E staff in all these cases to remain calm and do their jobs is in our opinion something to be marvelled at, they are worth their weight in gold.

The big question in most of the cases is this; HOW WILL WE COPE? It’s on the programmes time and time again, HOW WILL WE COPE? After the initial shock is over all thoughts turn to the future and how life is going to change. The main breadwinner/homemaker is out of action for months, they’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness, they need months of rehab following an accident;

  • What happens now?
  • How do we survive?
  • How much have we got in the bank?
  • Do we have savings?
  • Do we get sick pay? How much? How long for?
  • Who is going to look after the kids?
  • How much do we need each month for the bills?
  • Do these get paid because of this illness?
  • How much is treatment going to cost?
  • Who can lend us some money?
  • How long will it take to get well again and back to work?
  • Will the house need alterations?
  • Will the car?

You can hear all these questions in the interviews afterwards with the patients and their relatives. The patients, whilst receiving treatment are also worrying about their families…The families are worrying about how they are going to cope without a main wage coming in.

It’s fairly obvious where we are going with this. All these people in these situations could be YOU; after all YOU wake up thinking YOU have planned your day out and YOU know what’s happening.

So if the worst happens and you do find yourself in this situation, what if, after the initial shock is over and you know what is happening, you can think – I’ll ring Yellow Brolly, they will be able to help me. There is no ‘oh shit’ conversation, no ‘oh shit’ we should have done that after all. ‘Oh shit’ I’d been meaning to get our Life and Serious Illness cover sorted out, they’ve been trying to get to see me but I haven’t had time. I wish I had now…

You’d ring us, we have made sure you know what you are covered for, what conditions, for how long, how much you will get a pay-out for, how it pays out, in what cases your cover will pay out, where your policy details are and how to make a claim. Belts and braces.

  • We understand you are busy.
  • We understand you think this will never happen to you.
  • We understand it does.
  • We understand the importance of having Life Insurance, of Critical Illness cover of having Income Protection.
  • It’s our passion to make you understand how important it is too.


You need to understand these few things…

It’s no more expensive using our services, it could well mean your premiums are cheaper.

We will pick cover to suit you and your family’s situation perfectly.

Even if you are single you will probably need cover.

We will make the process straight forward.

You aren’t tied in to a contract at any time with any provider or us for that matter.

We can look at your current cover free of charge to make sure it is adequate.

It isn’t as expensive as you think.

If we meet you and leave and you don’t understand this – we haven’t done our job correctly.

Life Insurance – you don’t really need it (right?)