Lockdown 3.0


I don’t know how people feel, but I certainly felt drained and exhausted on Monday night even though I knew what was coming, and even believed we should be put back into lockdown to help get us out of this situation we find ourselves in. I was extremely excited for 2021 and felt like I really needed to make it my best year yet, in business & as a human. But as the announcement came, I felt like I’ll just defer my plans to 2022. It took talking to, from my puppy this morning, to snap out of it and make the best of the situation.


We must remain positive and use this time wisely to get things done we’d not normally do as a priority. Then they are done, and you’re all sorted. So, once we’re over this lockdown you don’t have to worry about it, you can get to that restaurant and realise that all necessary jobs for this year are complete. That’s my plan.


I’m not going to give you the usual plug of have you got Life Insurance? Because quite frankly, you’ve probably heard it before, and no doubt you don’t want to hear it again. Or Critical Illness insurance, have you thought about what you are going to do if you get cancer? I mean, what kind of question is that? A tough one to ask, let alone answer.


Yellow Brolly isn’t that business where all we do is sell, sell, sell. I feel like we are different, we are just a small group people of ordinary people trying to help as many people as we can. Ordinary people advising other ordinary people, that’s who we are.


We had hoped to put on a Yellow Brolly launch party in 2020, but that got postponed through the year, and into 2021. We thought Spring 2021 was going to be that time, to get all previous clients, current clients, and future clients together to have a celebration of getting through this period. The wait continues. But all I am going to say is, that it will be bigger than ever.


Local & new businesses have struggled during this pandemic, so I’m on a mission to support the local brands, the local new business in the community.

I am sure Starbucks or Costa will manage through this period, but will that independent coffee shop run by a local Dad or Mum? I’m not telling anybody what to do, again, why would I? But I do think it’s essential that somebody mentions it. Same with Amazon; how bloody good is Amazon? But could we get that item from a local independent store, probably for 10% more price-wise, but knowing the store owner will be extremely happy, and it may just help his business moving forward. I would.

I did it for all my Christmas presents this year. A little homemade boutique popped up in Sheffield city centre. I tried to get most things from there, jewellery, clothes, accessories etc. It cost me more, but it made me feel 100% better than ordering all from Amazon, and other online big retailers.


Now, for the business plug …


The same really goes for Mortgage advice, all personal protection insurance, Wills, LPA’s & Trusts. I’m sure Compare the Market will be fine through the troubling times for business and our economy, although a £17.9 million pound fine for breaking competition law for keeping prices artificially high and denying customers the best deal, may hurt their bottom line in 2020.


Go seek local advice, they are the real experts. Like I mentioned before, people dealing with people on a simplified level. At Yellow Brolly, as I’m sure many other independent brokers are, we’re trying to provide knowledge using uncomplex words to explain the products, so it makes it easier for the customer to understand.


Why would anybody purchase a product they didn’t understand?


However, if you had someone help you and guide you through what you may need or want, and gave you real reasons for requiring them, then surely that is better than going into the situation blind.


I’m making two points in this blog.


  1. Turn the to-do list upside down, especially during Lockdown 3.0

I know ‘sort life insurance’ ‘enquire about a mortgage’ or ‘I must sort a Will out’ will be at the bottom of your list. I know this because it was at the bottom of mine 12 months ago. It’s a hassle. It’s time-consuming. It’s “I’ll wait until later this month.”

Speak to an advisor, speak to a Yellow Brolly advisor, and we will literally guide you through the process, making sure everything is completed as it should be. It’ll give you peace of mind, it’ll give your family peace of mind. It will no longer be on your to-do list.


  1. Use Local.

Again, as I’ve mentioned, you will decide what’s best for you. But I did see this wonderful sign the other day, and it made me think…

This isn’t a plug to come use Yellow Brolly at all, this is just a comment from me. I’ve done it, and I’m enjoying doing it.

We all can’t avoid big business, it’s amazing they are so successful, and majority of them built up from nothing, which is even more impressive.

But, during 2020, and now in Lockdown 3.0 we can help that small business. Go try it.


Right, enough from me.


2020 was a challenge, and the begin of 2021 even more so. Dark cold nights, a heavy lockdown and even dry January, it’s going to be a challenging two months.


My inbox is open. My phone is always on. My direct messages on social are available.


Lockdown 3.0, let’s get through it together.


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