Surprising facts which may change your thinking around Personal Protection…

It has been 5 months since I began my journey into the insurance & protection world, and it’s been a crazy 5 months.


The global pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for the UK. I have been amazed at how people have adapted to the situation. We have taken our offices home – and created workspaces from kitchen/spare bedrooms/garages, wherever available. We have all learnt how to use further technology. I have taught my grandmother how to use Zoom, although I still regularly chat with the ceiling instead of her face, but I’m fine with that.


I am ashamed to say that I have almost spent more isolated quality time with all my family together during this period over, which must change when normality returns.


We have had a very busy period at Yellow Brolly, new websites, new apps, new staff, new dogs, new new new! It’s all been a go. I have finally completed all training & exams to advise in protection. I learnt an incredible amount over that period – some of which has really shocked me.

family income


Two things in particular:


First, “More than 40% of mortgage holders do not have life insurance” (source:


The benefits of your loved ones not being saddled with a mortgage if the worst happens are clear. People speak to me about life insurance being expensive – that is simply not true. It can be reasonably cheap to have some protection depending on your circumstances; it’s much cheaper the younger you are to set up a policy, but even if you are older, it can be tailored to suit your budget. This means our loved ones and families are protected.


Second, “less than one in 10 (9)% of self-employed workers protect their income with insurance, whilst 65% of the UK population do not have any form of protection in place” – (source:


Statutory Sick pay is £95.85 a  week, so the question is, if you were off work for a period of time, could you survive if you lost an income, and were only entitled to £95.85 a week until you were able to work again? You may have additional sick pay from your employer, but do you actually know what you are entitled to?


What about if there was the option of a covering 60% of your wage should you be unable to work due to illness, accident, or disability?


There is, it’s called Income Protection.


Income protection is possibly my favorite type of cover. It replaces an income should you be unable to work due to illness, sickness, or disability. Unlike Critical Illness cover, Income Protection does not rely on you suffering a specific condition listed within your policy. Income Protection will pay out if you are unable to work (determined depending on your cover) performing your own occupation, suited occupation, or any occupation – this includes stress, anxiety, and depression.


With your hard earned income, many of us will insure our car, (compulsory I know…) your phone, your boiler  and I certainly insure my new puppy Mo, (the cutie in the photo right…) – but many of us don’t protect the income which pays for all the above? So, what happens if you can’t pay the premiums for your other insurances? You can’t drive, you don’t have cover for your phone or pet, and if the boiler goes, it’s candles and blankets…


As well as replacing income most insurance providers will have additional benefits included in the policy such as 24/7 GP services, or some form of free support system to help you back on your feet, which is certainly worthwhile.


It is certainly worth a chat with an advisor to see what options suit your situation, for life insurance and income protection? It’s probably cheaper than you think …


Give me a call, and we can have a chat about what is best.


I’d be happy to talk with you if you do have policies and are unsure what you get. We can discuss your current policy in simple terms – what is included, what is covered and any additional benefits.


We’re always here if you need us at Yellow Brolly.


I hope you are staying safe.


Jack x


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