Top 10 reasons why you should use Yellow Brolly

When people ask me what I do, there’s always a slight pause in my head. Now this isn’t because I don’t want to say what I do, it’s because as soon as Insurance and Sell, exit my mouth you can see and hear the ‘oh ok’… What am I supposed to say? Trust me I’ve tried every which way to say what I do without actually saying those two words;

“I’ve got my own company”
“oh, what do you do?”
“We sell Life Insurance”
“oh ok”

“I provide families with Protection Insurance”
“oh, what’s that?”
“Life insurance and everything else that goes with it”
“oh ok”

You see my issue – now as soon as I get that reaction, the challenge has been set, the gauntlet has been thrown down, and this is the part I love. Give me five minutes and I have shown whomever I am talking to, the benefit of what I do and the service that I provide and they are asking if I can have a look at what cover they have or saying, ‘I’ve been meaning to get mine sorted out…can you do it?’ If I don’t come away with that reaction, I no longer believe in what I do and I’m not passionate enough about it.

We are all guilty of putting things off, of living in our comfort zones, it’s what we like to do. No one is going to sit at the dinner table and say ‘Gosh can you imagine if I had died yesterday? How would you all cope?’

All the great adverts from the Insurance providers on the TV are wonderful, but it enters your mind to get it sorted out, then leaves and gets put off again.

So now comes the crunch, why should you use us? It’s more expensive right? We are vultures circling around picking off willing victims for a quick buck for our own benefit. You listen to a tonne of facts and figures get completely lost, then get so fed up that you’ll sign anything just to get rid of us… Then in a few years someone else will come along, say we did a crap job and you find yourself in the same situation and cancel everything you did with us to sign up with them not really knowing why.




When I started in this industry, and not that long ago, and not really knowing too much about it, I was stunned by how the whole process works sometimes. Always more or less for the benefit of the third party, or the ‘broker’.


So here are the 10 reasons you should use Yellow Brolly –


1. We are a friendly bunch, you get face to face service. No longer than an hour, unless you want to chat and feed us cake, then that’s fine we will stay as long as you like! Even if you can’t do face to face, we can have a meeting using the world wide web or even just a phone call will do.

2. We will make sure YOU understand why you need the cover you do and recommend the best way to get it set up, to give you the best protection should you ever need it.

3. We will handle the application for you, talk you through the process, you are not guaranteed to get ‘accepted’ for cover straight away. There is an underwriting process to go through. You may get accepted on straight away though, most people don’t.

4. The Insurance Company (providers) on the panel that we use, want to insure you and your family, they are as passionate about it as we are. They want to pay out on a claim. The main reason they don’t is that you haven’t told them everything on the application. With Yellow Brolly, we make sure your application is accurate.

5. Because of the above reason, they know we will have done the application correctly, so in some cases your premiums might be less than if you had gone direct to the provider, the risk is lower for them, they know we are professionally trained to choose the right policy for our clients.

6. We make sure you know exactly what conditions you are covered for. You will get a beautiful folder with all the details in, more importantly, you will have our/my number should you need us, we will help you should you need to make a claim.

7. We make the whole process easier, it might seem nice and easy to do the application directly initially, but after that you will receive a much more human service from us, we will deal with any other enquires you have or changes that need to be made.

8. All this costs you absolutely nothing extra at all, we do not charge you. In fact, you’ll receive a Yellow Brolly (that’s just for having a meeting whether you use us or not) and plenty of other Yellow Brolly benefits for being a client. I wish I could tell you what these are but it’s a surprise!

9. Your peace of mind that everything is covered. We are trained to look at your circumstances and recommend the type of policy and provider that would suit your situation the most. You also have a point of contact with us should your circumstances change.

10. We don’t just sort out your Life Insurance and run, we maintain a relationship with you. Your policy will be placed in a suitable trust (this will be explained, again no cost to you but means the lump sum will be payed sooner). We will also make sure you Will is up to date and if you haven’t got one, we can sort that for you too (this does cost extra) after our meeting you’ll understand why this is so important.

So there you go, ten reasons why you should use Yellow Brolly, or if not Yellow Brolly, find another expert near you that you have been recommended to by a friend or look at the reviews on their website, make sure it feels right for you and you understand and are clear about the process and what you are covered for. For more information about what to look out for take a look at our other blog posts.

Thanks for reading and if you’d like a Yellow Brolly, give us a call or drop us an email and we can go from there.