Usual excuses we hear all the time, followed by some FAQ!

Excuses we hear all the time …


‘It’s on your ‘to-do’ list because it’s a faff…’


It’s our job, we are the faff removers. It can be confusing when you look through all the provider’s websites and all the options which are available. We will look at your circumstances, give you some options and take all that faff away!


‘Don’t brokers charge for their services, especially if they are doing everything for us including the paperwork – shouldn’t we just go directly to a provider?’


Firstly, we don’t charge you anything. You will pay nothing to us. We receive payment from the provider directly for setting you up with them. In fact, you will receive things from us – A Yellow Brolly for our first initial meeting (whether you use our services or not). If you do become a client, then we have a heap of Yellow Brolly benefits for you. I wish I could tell you, but I’m going to keep these as a surprise.

We’ve written a blog on why you should use a broker, instead of going direct to a provider. Give it a read (link below) – and you’ll be sure to become a Yellow Brolly client.

Top 10 reasons why you should use Yellow Brolly!


‘I don’t need it!’


Before you say ‘I don’t need it’ the questions you should be asking yourself are, do you have a mortgage or large debt? Do you have an income, and do people rely on that income? The chances are that in your circumstances you should have some sort of protection. Should you die you can leave your family with the mortgage paid and financially secure. Or other products will pay out should you become seriously ill, have an accident and be unable to work.


‘It’s not worth the paper it’s written on…’


This statement is only probably true if it hasn’t been set up properly by an expert. The main reason for non-payment of claims is non-disclosure, (i.e. not telling the insurers something on your application). The percentage of claims that are successful has risen dramatically over the years – and is now up around the 98% mark.


‘It’s too expensive…”


It’s probably not as expensive as you think. There are so many different products from a wide range of providers in the market at the minute. Let us look at your circumstances and provide you with some advice on what will work for you and your family. You aren’t tied into a contract at all. You’ll probably spend more monthly on coffee, or a curry night than your protection premiums…



Questions we hear all the time …


I have protection insurance, but I don’t what I’m covered for?


This is a classic question and one we receive regularly. We’re friends, with expertise in the field, so ask us? Send us your documents and we can discuss your current policy, in a very straightforward way using simple terms, as we know that the jargon involved can be complex.


If set up by another advisor, it will hopefully be set up perfectly, so we will explain it to you, rubberstamp it and send you away, probably with a Yellow Brolly. If not, or you’re situation has changed (for example, new house, new job, married, kids etc.)  we may be able to change your details and give you a better-suited policy.


What can you expect from us?


We’re a friendly team of industry experts who will provide you with advice to help you and your family be protected for the future.

We will set up your application from the details you provide, and always be available should you have any problems throughout the process and after your policy is active.

Our biggest annoyance is lack of communication – so we will provide you updates as to where you are with Yellow Brolly and the setup of your protection portfolio. If we’re communicating too much, then just let us know. We can take it. We’d sooner be available whenever you need us, instead of thinking we aren’t around.


What do I need protection wise? Do I need anything?


Everybody who has an income or family should have some form of protection.

Something is better than nothing, so our answer is always honest about this question. If it’s no, we will say no.

Obviously, it completely depends on your situation and circumstance as to what policy you need, and how much cover you need. You won’t find out this information using an online comparison site. Contact a financial advisor and have a chat regarding your situation. They should provide advice under no obligation – and offer advice to help you out. If your advisor is charging you, then run for the hills. Great advice is available for free.

life insurance


What is a trust & why do we put all your policies in trust?


A trust is an imaginary treasure chest, with named individual close to you being provided with a key to open it if the unfortunate were to happen.

Trusts avoid probate & intestacy, which basically means the payout will go into the right hands, not the wrong ones, and most definitely not HMRC.


Will I be accepted straight away?


Policies upon application will come back with one of four approvals.

  1. Accepted on Risk – all online and policy is active.
  2. Accepted with special measures – they may have added an addition to your premium based on several different elements.
  3. Underwriting – the application will have gone to underwriting possibly due to an existing/previous health concern, which they need to check out before making the policy active.
  4. Decline – the providers won’t ensure your requirement.

We wish we could tell you what the application will come back with. Certain situations are complex, and more information may be required. But what we do say, if you are provided 100% accurate information regarding your situation – then we at Yellow Brolly will help you achieve the best outcome.

This is one of the best things regarding using an advisor, we will do the chasing for you – until the policy is active and you are happy.


Am I stuck in a contract?


The straight answer is nope. You aren’t stuck in a contract at all for your protection insurance so you can cancel at any time. Once you cancel, you are not covered, so if anything were to happen you wouldn’t receive any benefits from your premiums paid.

What we always say is speak to us before you cancel.  We may be able to help the situation with many different options.