We hate the C-Word


There used to be 1️⃣ c-word we all hated, but now there are 2️⃣...

We're sorry if your not a swearer, we usually aren't, but when it comes to cancer, we are. Every morning Jack shows his hate for cancer in the office...
Everybody has been affected in some way by cancer, whether that is a family member, a friend, or just somebody you know of, it's an absolutely dreadful, horrible situation. We've all had experiences of it in the Yellow Brolly office and we hate it. 
...but, we do feel privileged to be able to advise clients on Critical Illness Cover, that should somebody be diagnosed with cancer that meets the policy definition, they will have the financial protection they need during those terrible periods. 
Critical Illness Cover will pay out a tax-free lump sum if you suffer one of the critical illnesses covered by your policy. So not only will it cover you against cancer, but it will also cover you against;
- Stroke
- Heart Attack
- Motor neurone disease
- Multiple sclerosis
- Kidney failure 
- Liver failure
- Loss of limb
- Deafness
...and many many more! 
The cover amount can match your existing mortgage so upon diagnosis, your mortgage disappears. It could match 3x annual salary so you had protection for 3 years worth of work, or we can even match the amount of cover based on your monthly budget requirements.
If you have Critical Illness Cover already in place, go in and check what cancers are covered under your policy. If you need any help with the terminology, give us a ring. 
Critical Illness Cover can also cover Children as well, which in some individuals circumstances will be more important. Look out for future posts regarding that...


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