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Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?

Doesn’t this sound like something that is going to bore the pants off you…  Let us tell you what it is in a nutshell.  Life Insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum should you or your partner pass away.  It means that should one or both of you die, your family will be left with a home and will be worry free financially, rather than a huge debt and no idea how they are going to pay the bills.  If you have an uncomplicated medical history then Life Insurance is a straightforward policy to set up and relatively cheap because it’s the least likely to happen.  We can set this up for you, give us a call on 0114 4388585.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

This is especially important if you are a couple, you have a mortgage and a family that depends on your income or both your incomes to pay the mortgage and bills. Life Insurance can be set up in a few different ways, as a couple you can have two separate policies, or a joint policy set up to pay out after the first person dies.  You can match it to an outstanding mortgage debt, or increase the amount so that you can pay off other debts, and/or cover the loss of the income.  The younger you are the cheaper Life Insurance will be, plus you are less likely to have any medical issues.  It’s a little like an empty loo roll, you can’t get this after you need it…

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Why choose Yellow Brolly?

We get great pleasure from taking our clients from a place where they either have no clue as to what type of life insurance they need, or they have no idea what their current policy does; to a perfectly bespoke plan from our wide range of providers.  Nothing is too much trouble, we explain what is happening every step of the way and once you are covered you‘ll become part of our Yellow Brolly community. By liaising with leading insurance providers, we can find you the best policies and options. Our knowledge of the best providers means you are in safe hands, and we are the point of contact should you need to put a claim in.

For more information on what we can offer you and your family, or to get started finding the right life insurance quotes for you, get in touch today using the form below.

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