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Private Health Insurance

What is Private Health Insurance?

It means that these fine medical professionals pictured above will be at your beck and call to look after you should you suffer an acute illness.  By having Private Health Insurance, you would skip the NHS waiting lists and receive top class treatment.  This would provide you with medical care that is second to none, from a few sessions of physiotherapy to the early diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.  Private Health Insurance is designed to give you reassurance that you will get prompt access to healthcare and expertise that is right for you. We have the top providers to choose from when looking at options for you.  To be honest, when we were doing our research into this to make sure our knowledge of the services provided was up to date, we were so impressed that we set ourselves up with a policy.

Who needs Private Health Insurance?

Well Private Health Insurance is kind of worth its weight in gold, policies are more affordable than you would think, you can start at a basic level of cover and add on bells and whistles from there, such as the range of hospitals you get to choose from or how much out-patient cover to include.  It has been previously seen as an option for the high-end clients, but that is not the case anymore really.  Of course, the cost will depend on your age, where you live and claims history, but the cover can be tailored to suit your budget.   The fact that having something like this in place means that you would get fast diagnosis/treatment for an acute condition, especially Cancer means to us that if you can, Private Health Insurance is something that you should think seriously about having if you can.

Private Health Insurance

Why use Yellow Brolly?

Our brains are full of comprehensive knowledge of this industry, and they are yours to pick at and use to make sure that you get the best package of cover to suit your situation.  We get immense satisfaction from making sure that our clients get a superb combination of cover in place.  Especially when we can say, you do know that you get a gym discount with this policy don’t you?  Or here is the number of the GP 24/7 service number that is yours to use…  We love little added benefits like these and sometimes the providers don’t advertise the fact that they do them, but we know, so we’ll tell you.  Plus, we will check to make sure your cover is up to date, I mean short of bringing you your morning coffee, there is not much more that we could do for our clients.

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