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Wills and Trusts

What is a Will?

One thing they are not for solely is old people.  You should have this in place as soon as you can.  A Will is an expression of what you want to happen after you die.  Most of the time people will wait until they get married/have children or hear a horror story about some shenanigans that has kicked off after someone has failed to put one in place.  Get your Will sorted.  We can take down your instructions and get it drawn up in a jiffy.  Do not think this is just for making sure the eccentric old cat lady can leave all her money to a cat shelter. This makes sure you leave specific legacies to the people you want to. You can specify what you want to happen to your body after you die, it is your Will, your loved ones will be saved the pain of being left unsure of what you’d want to do.

What is a Trust?

A Trust is a difficult thing to describe, at least in a meaningful way that is relevant to everyday life.  We use a suitable Trust with all Life Insurance policies we set up for a couple of very simple reasons.  The Trust makes sure that the proceeds from your Life Insurance are delivered at the right time, into the right hands, whilst also making sure that they fall outside of you estate, meaning that they are not liable to inheritance tax. See we told you. This is the safety ring around your policies, and like we said, along with your Will makes sure all your ducks are in order and swimming in the same direction.  We will sort this out for you, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Wills and Trusts

Why use Yellow Brolly?

We offer a Will at cost to anyone who takes out a Life Insurance policy with us.  Watch out for those that offer it free, sometimes there can be hidden catches.  A Trust is free to set up. Trust us to do this for you. Setting up a Will and Trust goes hand in hand with the services that we provide when it comes to Life insurance, so of course we are going to make sure that we offer them to our clients.

Will Smith, by the way has nothing to do with our services, but he is called Will and we love him, so he made the cut.

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